Day 3, Mantua, UT to Jackson, WY

Woke up in a great campground and continued north. We stopped at the Utah Agricultural Historic Center for a bit to get some info and then headed to Logan Utah for some maps and local info.

We continued on to Jackson, Wyoming to meet a friend of Carl’s that hiked the Appalachian trail with him last year. Cool guy, a few beers, and we hiked halfway up the ski slope to get a view of Jackson and the Tetons.

Jackson, Wyoming at sunset

Day 2, Denver, CO to Mantua, Utah

It was a long day today on the drive to deliver the XTR trailer to a buyer in Salt Lake City. It took about 9 hours to get from Denver to the Salt Lake City, and then we had to do some cargo shuffling and a quick car wash on the trailer to remove the road grime.

We did a little driving around the Mormon Temple and walked around the Utah state Capital building and adjoined gardens. We were going to head to find a campground so we could cook dinner, but I decided to grab something so we could get set up and rested. Sizzler was the choice and we ate cooked bovine and dead vegetables.

We scouted for a camp ground and found a free camp (or that is what it appeared to be) at Box Elder Campground. It was starting to snow and rain and we quickly set up next to the stream and got to to work on updates and then rest.

June 1, Day 1

Carl arrived and we caught up at the new Field House Beer Works on Powers Blvd (great local beer and nice setup) before heading north. A quick stop at AT&T to get his phone activated and we were off. An hour later we dropped off Peyton’s stuff in Parker, CO and then we drove to Thornton and camped at a super Wal-Mart. Not exciting or picturesque of a spot but we got food shopping done and had a few cold ones. Kudos to Walmart and other places that are Overland friendly.

Today we are off to Salt Lake City to deliver the trailer. Getting lighter as we go. I still need a bike rack. Hopefully craigslist will have something in SLC.

Night 0

Free camping.

I’ve lived in Colorado Springs for 7 years and last night is the first night I’ve camped here. Turns out Bass Pro Shop allows overnight camping. Woohoo.

Friday, May 31, 2019 the Adventure Begins

The Colorado chapter comes to an end. The house is sold and we have completely moved to Mesa. I finished the last day at my position with CACI at 4th Infantry Division today and cleaned and closed out the house. It will be just shy of 7 years since Kristina and I drove north from Tucson, Arizona to Colorado Springs. Today I handed the keys of our home to the real estate agent and moved into the FJ Cruiser. June 1 my friend Carl flies in and we begin our epic excursion on the Alaskan Highway through Canada and Alaska. 7 weeks of camping, fishing, hiking, mountain biking and exploring the Land of the Midnight Sun.

Welcome to our journey. I will be using this site to log our travels, to display what we see, and to interact. Carl will be posting on and YouTube with videos. Join us as we explore on this Bucket List excursion.