Power solution nearly complete

After moving to Mesa, AZ, the fridge gets incredibly hungry in the summers. Basically, what would last 2-3 days on an AGM battery in Colorado, lasts barely a day in this incessant summer heat. So I abandoned the AGM battery and upgraded to a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery. The advantages of these batteries are surprising. The best thing is that a 100AHr battery will discharge 95% before going dead. An AGM is done after 45% discharge. The LiFeP battery is also less than half the weight. These batteries are not suited for hot environments, so engine compartments are not ideal. I have solar attached to the FJ, but even in direct sun, can get 5-6A max, so if the battery is at 50%, it will take 10 hours to recharge, ridge running.

I decided to move my RedArc DC/DC charger from the engine compartment to the rear cargo area. In the cargo area, with my cargo there is exactly enough space between the side and the small space under the rear pocket window. I fished a 2g battery cable through the firewall and to the rear compartment and created a fused link to the DC/DC charger. Due to the solar low charge capability, I purchased a 20A AC/DC Renogy charger to manage the battery more efficiently. And as long as I was doing this, I purchased an AC plug adapter used in RVs and mounted it through plastic rear quarter panel into the cargo area. Since these were two AC wired one up to the charger and the other to the fridge. The effect of this is when in the garage, I can plug in AC to the back of the FJ, and it will power the charger and switch the Fridge to AC. Perfect for FJ while I work from home.

The only thing I have left, is to add in a fuse box and an DC/AC inverter. This will allow me to power computer and a monitor for working on the road, and possibly will power a cook-top, leaving the need for propane to emergency only.

I’ll add some pics, but in all reality, it is boring as the wiring, battery, and charging are tucked away and hidden.

next project….water pump connected to power and with and ability to take a road shower when needed.