Day 7, Glacier NP to Castle Mountain

We crossed the border into canada and after the border agents unloading the whole truck and us having to reload it… just kidding. We crossed, had our passports stamped, and headed toward Banff NP. Turns out there was no one at the Banff gate, nor at the next state park gate so we just continued on. Its summer in the lower 48 states but still on the cusp of Spring here. It snowed about 4-6 inches at the Castle Mountain campground the night before we got there.

We had a little incident with the campground in that the site we were pointed to said reserved for June 6, and it being June 7, we paid for the spot. Turns out the form uses number of nights instead of real dates and we camped on a spot some Germans had already paid for. After some negotiating and some beers we moved the FJ to a side spot so they could get their RV in the camp and we all went to bed. Carl and I were up at 6 and gone by 7 on or way south.

Here are some pictures for the day.