Day 12 – Dawson City to the Arctic Circle

I had some maintenance to do on the truck and Carl did some laundry in the morning.  I managed to get a bike ride in up to an old dredge, so that felt good and was about 18 miles.  We talked to some fellow travelers and then checked out of the hotel “without internet” and headed into town.  We found a nice grocery store, a bakery, some tourist shops and of course a Library. 

After several hours in town looking at the old buildings and interesting things, we headed off to the Dempster Highway.  This is a long, 600 mile road with few stops at takes us to Tuktoyatuk at the Arctic Ocean.  It will take us two days to get there.

We stopped at the Tombstone park visitor’s center on the way and they have some great visuals and extremely helpful staff.  The road was extremely nice for a dirt road and we made it to the Arctic Circle around 10 PM.  Still bright as day. However, winters is not done here and it was spitting rain and sleet. We grabbed our pictures and found a site hidden from the mythical Grizzly bears.  The tent provide a good shelter and was fairly warm.  It was COLD and froze overnight.