Day 4, Jackson to almost Yellowstone

Day 4

We started the day in Jackson, Wy and entered into the Grand Tetons National Park.  It is such an amazing and beautiful place.  We decided to do a hike to Hidden Falls at Jenny lake since I have not been able able hike that the past two times that I have been here. It was an easy 2.5 mile hike and the falls were raging from the run-off.  We continued north after the hike to a road Called grass hill road (Correction) because in the last time Kristina and I were here., we took that road to Idaho and I knew there was some free camping sites there.  Unfortunately the road was closed, and after looking at gong back to Grand Tetons and caping free in the National forest or moving on to Yellowstone, we decided to bite the bullet and pay for a campsite at (location). 

As we were waiting in line, we met a cool British guy named Neil that was biking across America.  Carl asked if he wanted to share a site and we agreed and so it all begins.  Neil is a ship builder…and when I mean ship, I mean luxury yacht.  It was an amazing night and we have not laughed so hard in a long time.  I am also grateful that Carl reached out and asked to share the $40 campsite because without that we would not have me Neil.

And I biked about 10 mile back into the wilderness.  My bike is so much a part of me and I enjoy riding… it was incredible getting back on the bike..  It is crammed in the back o the truck and I want a better storage solution, but in the end, it is with me, and I rode it in Wyoming today.  While in the ride  I saw an elk cow, a raccoon, an eagle, and a bunch of prairie dogs.  No bears or moose yet.

I am amazed with the amazing men I have come in contact with recently. Carl hiked the Appalachian Trail last year; never before camping or hiking and completed the 2400 mile trail in 5 months…. It is not something to take lightly.  And Neil here is on his second “Across America” bike tour.  It is so interesting to hear of other culture’s perceptions and interpretations.  Neil is well traveled and well connected and it floors me when I meet and travel with people like Carl and Neil.  Such a fun and enlightening evening.  

river pool at Grand Tetons NP