European Tour – Day 12 – Portofino

Our second stop, and last in Italy was the beautiful little totwn of Portofino. We had breakfast on the ship, caught a ride on the tender, and had a cappuccino on shore at a cute little cafe. We walked up the one road and did a bit of window shopping and then went on a little hike to the lighthouse and to an old castle.

The lighthouse was private but there was a nice cafe at the edge so we had a spritz and enjoyed the views. We walked back and stopped at the castle and paid the fee to view it. It had been converted to a villa, remodeled several times, and then sold back to the town where it is now open for viewing and for special events. What a wonderful place it would be to live.

We walked back down through the forested path (a steep descent) and sat in the post and watched the boats, a couple with a spirited dog, and the plentiful fish. What a beautiful day.