European Tour – Day 13 – Ajaccio, Corsica

We made a stop in Corsica. We did not have plans for a tour, only to find a beach and get into the gorgeous water, and this is what we did. The beach was a 20 minute walk and we enjoyed it for a couple of hours. The water was a bit cool but not cold, the sun was warm and the sand was soft. We watched the swimmers, sailboats, and kayaks pass by for a couple of hours.

We packed up so as to not get too burned and found a beautiful cafe under some thick mulberry tree shade and had some lunch. We ordered some authentic French Fries (as we are now in France) and a Mozzarella and tomato salad with some bread (yes, French bread). The salad was delicious with the fresh mozzarella and olive oil and herbs.

We spent the rest of the afternoon browsing the shops along the streets and hanging out in the port city.

After dinner the ship was having a 4th of July party and balloon drop so we joined in to celebrate.