European tour – Day 6 – Venice and Vicenza

We started our morning with a quick Croissant and coffee and headed over the Rialto and over to the fish market. Very interesting place and has an alluring odor if you are in to that. We crossed back over the Rialto and had a quick Spritz (to use the bathroom) and then did a little shopping on out way to the Jewish Ghetto.

The ghetto was a quiet place compared other places in Venice. The piazza was very open and filled with trees. There were a couple of restaurants, some sculptures, many art studios, and it seems 5 synagogues (for the 5 different languages/peoples that resided there). For those of us in the US, this section of space is equivalent to 1-2 city blocks in my home town, or a couple of football fields. Apparently at one point there were 5000 people living in this ghetto.

We stopped and had a quiet lunch on the main thoroughfare, collected our bags from the B&B, and then caught a train back to Vicenza. Rick and Vally were gracious enough to let us stay another night as well as use their washer to clean up the first week’s of travel clothes. We went out to dinner with them at a great local pizza place and ended up closing it down.

Tomorrow we are off to Florence for a quick tour of the area.