Day 15 – Tombstone NP to Chicken AK

Day 15.  – Tombstone NP to Chicken Alaska

Today was an epic day so far on the trip.  We stopped by the Interpretive Center at Tombstone NP to return the travel brochure.  The lady asked us where we were headed, and we had decided on Chicken, Alaska rather than another night in Dawson City.  She asked if we were attending Chickenstock?  What’s that? we asked… apparently the second weekend in June every year they have a big bluegrass and music festival and this weekend was the one.  How lucky are we?  

We made short time to Dawson City, fueled up, washed the truck, showered, and picked up a replacement part for my Coleman stove and headed toward the ferry.  

1200 miles on the Dempster

Side story… Coleman stoves are pretty robust as long as you take care of them.  I remember my dad having one of the old pump ones for my entire childhood.  Well now I have a propane stove that I have had for I don’t even know how long and I set up a 11lb propane tank on the back of the FJ so I don’t have to deal with the green cans.  Well I have been leaving the propane regulator attached to the hose and securing it to the tank when we drive.  I left it unattached so I could make coffee in Tuk before we left, but being sick and cold I just took off.  Well, this is what happens when it gets dragged behind the truck for 50 miles.  Needless to say, Thankfully the outfitter in Dawson City had one, for about the cost of the entire stove, but now I am cooking with gas again.

Dragging the regulator 50 miles is not a good thing.

The ferry is a lot smaller than the other ones and has to deal with a stronger current.  We got front row seats and then headed to the USA on the Top of the World Highway.  We crossed the border around noon and then made it to Chicken by about 1.  And the Chickenstock was in full swing.  We got lucky and managed to get one of the last camping passes and tickets for the show.  Great bands, great food, lots of cool people to meet, and as one lady we met said, it is one of the only places you go to where you can be totally disconnected.  Phones are for pictures only since no cell or WiFi is available. 

Yukon River Ferry crossing in Dawson City
USA Border Crossing at Poker Creek.

Such a fun time.