Day 33 – Marathon day across BC

There is not a lot that we want to see in this portion of the country and are making it a marathon day.  We left around 7 AM and then headed south east and then finally turned south.  We did stop in a couple of towns to get some repair parts for the tent and of course hot dogs at Costco in Prince George.

Woke up in Gravel Pit wild camping.

Some highlights of today was that we saw 4 black bears and one grizzly bear.  I kind of got a picture of the grizzly but he was not too ready to pose.  He already had a tag on his ear, and if I remember what one of the rangers told us, they get 1 tag when they are interacting badly with humans and have to be moved.  The second tag is more of a bad-bear danger warning, and if it happens a third time the bear is removed permanently.  I am not sure how much is true of that bear, but apparently he has been tagged for some reason.

This is a black bear even though he is brown.
This is the grizzly, but he didn’t wait around for a photo.

This is logging and lumber country here.  We have passed multiple processing plants as we traveled south.  There are stacks and stacks of rugs cut boards that go on for hundreds and hundreds of yards.   The biggest so far has been in Quesnel.  Very impressive.  

Throwing in a line at a road stop.

We ended the night after driving about 700 miles today and camped at another iOverlander suggested campsite.  It was a cow patch along the road near a ranch. The mosquitos were thick so we ate quickly and headed to bed.

We found the largest fly rod and reel in Canada.