Day 34 – Cow patch to Whistler

We are making our way south and getting closer to the Whistler. Today it should ge only about 6 hours of drive to Whistler. The plan is to get there and get some lift tickets and then start riding. The drive in southern BC is a lot of farming and forestry. We passed many locations where trees were being loaded into barges for sale southward or overseas (Stewart) or actually processed locally. In one location there was a whole valley filled with rows and rows of rough-cut lumber.

Farming and Timber are the industries in this part of BC

As we got farther south towards Whistler, we entered a steep mountain range with super steep 12-15% grades. It was so beautiful going in and out of the clouds above the crystal clear streams and old growth pines. At the other side was the town of Pemberton, and low and behold, a brewery sign. They were not open until 3, but were open enough to sell a couple of bottles and we sat on their patio and I enjoyed a great IPA.

We saw a brewery sign and decided to stop.

We arrived early into Whistler and attempted to get a camp spot but there was nothing available. After looking at the potential free roadside camping, we scored a great room at the Alpenglow hotel for $100 per night. It had a kitchen, fireplace, and balcony and 3 beds. Of course the shower was the best since it had been a couple of days for me and several more for Carl.

A happening tourist town, Whistler BC

We checked out the local shops and restaurants and then grabbed a drink and some food. I decided not to get on the lift due to the late hour and just do a whole day on July 5. The lift was only $52 (American) so I purchased online. We had a few more beers along our tour of the place, and then went back to the hotel for rest.

In for a burger for dinner in Whistler, BC