Day 9, Jasper to North of Dawson Creek somewhere.

It rained all night last night. We headed to bed about 8 and both slept until 6. Must have been the peaceful rain. We fixed coffee and were off on the trail by 7 am. Lots of signs today for caribou in the road, deer in the road, and more. We didn’t see any caribou but did see one moose, who scooted into the forest faster than we could record her, and multitudes of deer. One deer even decided to play chicken with us. A Canadian told us it is a sport for them up here.

We are doing a long marathon day with a couple of stops in Grand Prairie for gas at Costco and Walmart in Dawson Creek. We have enough food for about 10 days now so we will be ready for the trip north. We are planning on getting to Watson lake tonight and then to Dawson City tomorrow. We are making good time. Remember to check out to see our recorded positions along the way.