Day 9, Part 2 – Prophet River Airstrip

We finished up in Dawson Creek with the updates to the websites and maps and decided to stop in to a bar across the road from a Tim Hortons.  We met Shelby there.  She was a lot of fun and told us the place to go for fun in the evening was the Spike.  She warned us about a certain individual that frequents that place, but other than that it was fun.  We wanted to head a bit farther since it was only about 4 PM, so we stopped by a liquor store to stock on beer, and we met Lolanna, who recommended some nice rum.  I decided to purchase a bottle since I didn’t want to finish off our good Bourbon.

We continued another 2.5 hours farther along on the Alaskan Highway until we found a campground.  We looked at the site, but the office was closed and the site was really not worth $20 for the night.  We felt good and decided to head as far as we could get.  At about 10 PM we stopped at a remote wilderness site at Prophet Creek Airfield.  As we were pulling in, I said, “is that a bear?”… sure enough a black bear was eating grass and roots along the east Side of the road.  He didn’t care in the least for us so we took our picots and videos and headed to the airstrip.

This site was amazing.  It has multiple camping sites on a flat ground with fire rings.  We set up at the end and took a walk.  We could see two other bears farther down the airstrip.  

And LoLanna, your suggestion for the rum was amazing.  So smooth and so rich with a nice vanilla flavor. 

It was a clear night so I put back the rain fly and looked up at the sky, which is not dark even at midnight.   So cool and wild up here.  Woke up about 4AM and it was still light. The air is cool but not as cold as the past several nights in Alberta.