European tour – Day 14 – Cannes, Eze, and Monaco

Today was a tender day and we had a tour scheduled so we were up at 6 to catch the 7:15 tour. Once on the bus we rode to the center of Cannes and were dropped off to walk around for an hour. There was a food market to wander through and we bought some cherries to snack on. There were tonned of lavender and rose packets on sale everywhere. Cannes was a place where sick people traveled to get well as the sun and air were better suited for TB sufferers, and a lot were artists like Henri Matisse and Anton Chekhov. It now is famous for the Cannes cinema festival.

We walked to the beach to gaze at the blue water. The beach had huge sand grains here that looked more like river stones, which were about the same size. lol.

We got back on the bus and drove up through the city and into the wealthy part of town with the amazing views. There were no opportunities for photos here.

We stopped at the town of Eze for a quick tour. And when I say quick, I mean we had 30 minutes, which really irritated me since this was the stop I wanted to see. We walked around a bit but never really got to see much before getting back on the bus.

The last stop was Monaco. We at least got a good tour here and a couple of hours for lunch and shopping. Monaco is interesting in that it is less than a square mile and has 40k people living there. We toured the Monaco Rock (palace area) and gardens. Very rich and beautiful. The cathedral is beautiful inside with the lighting and columns. And we saw where Princess Grace was buried (in the church, of course, with other dead people).

We also saw some of the streets and tunnels along the Formula One route. That is some tight racing.

And speaking of racing, part of the tour was watching in amazement at the skillful bus drivers here. We’d have a hard time with our cars and these guys navigate busses through the inches of clearance without hitting anything.

Back to the boat to get on the ship for a quiet evening. We rode the tender through a parking lot of yachts owned by the wealthiest people on earth. The big one was owned by a Russian billionaire that cost a cool $360 mil. (I wonder which church he’ll want to be buried in?) lol