European Tour – Day 15 – Villefranche Sur Mer

We started the day off slowly and enjoyed the peaceful marina views. The tender dropped us off in this peaceful little town and we walked around a bit before meeting this nice couple from Massachusetts. We sat for beverages with them and discussed the cruise, the USA, kids, etc. they were nice.

We continued the walking tour through the 2-3 streets with shops and restaurants. We found an old fort to explore that now was a hotel and conference center. There was a local wedding gathered there and we followed the procession back into town.

A while later we had hiked up the hill to the church but noted a mass going on so we just peered inside. The bride and groom were seated before the altar, apparently this was the wedding mass. We bowed out and headed back to the port.

We had lunch on the ship and relaxed away the afternoon napping and watching the yachts and boats pass.