European Tour – Day 16 – Sainte-Tropez and Grimaud

We got another early start today after porting. It was about a 90 minute ride to Saint-Tropez across the French coastal countryside. Tons of grape orchards and forests on each side of the road were interspersed with towns and forests. Simply beautiful.

We arrived at the port of Saint-Tropez about 9:30 and took a tour of the nearly empty streets and harbour area. There were more multimillion dollar yachts docked next to local fishing boats in the harbor. The walk through the town allowed some fantastic history and photos as we walked in and around the old city walls. The town was named after a man who was beheaded and his body was sent afloat into the harbor. (No body but a depiction of the event was presented).

We sat for a coffee and water at a cafe in the city center and watched the city come alive with locals and tourists. There is a distinct difference with the attire here than at other locations. People are out for a walk, a coffee, or shopping staying on off the fashion shows from around the world. I was glad I chose to dress more presentably than usual today, even though the Greg Norman shirt was a bit lower end here. lol.

We got to enjoy three hours of wandering before heading up the road about 20 minutes to a cute little town called Grimaud. We only had an hour here but it was a nice look at another canal city that needs to be visited again. Cool place.

We we are off to Mallorca for tomorrow. Having a blast.