European tour – Day 8 – Part 3 – Rome

We managed to get to Rome by about 6:30 PM. The driving wasn’t all that difficult coming into the city, but parking, that’s a different story. We unloaded and got checked into the hotel with the car and its flashers on outside. Fortunately, as I was driving away, Kathy was looking at the window and said hey there’s a spot right here. She actually guided me from two floors above into the parking spot right below our room. That’s not a small feat in Rome on a Saturday night.

We got all settled into the cute little room, and then headed out to get some dinner. The hotel is actually only a couple of blocks down the road from the Colosseum so we found a restaurant that was close by and had some pizza and salad.

We walked around for about three hours that night, which is really special with all the light effects. I am attaching some pictures.

Our impression is not that great, as it is a big city, with lots of people, and it is not well kept. I guess we kind of spoiled ourselves in the northern part of Italy. I even met the scammer that was trying to give us bracelets, but ended up, trying to take money out of my wallet. Fortunately, he didn’t get anything but a receipt. An interesting note, we met an American couple the next day who had the same bracelets that he had given us, and they had gotten them from a similar scammer in Venice several days before. I guess they have a scamming school class somewhere here.

We’re going to see Rome.